Our garages are available in single and double wide styles ranging in size from 12 x 16 to 28 x 40. Our garages are constructed on 4x4 pressure treated skids on top of which are 2x4 joists on 12" centers with ¾ " treated plywood flooring. The walls are built with 2x4 framing on 16" centers. The roof is ½" exterior plywood covered with 30 yr. architectural shingles. Our garages are built especially for you and you determine the placement of the man doors and windows. 

Most of our garages are available in either in vinyl or a wood composite siding that has the look of T1-11 but is more durable and water resistant. We have a wide selection of paint, vinyl and shingle colors from which to choose. If you have special requests, we do our best to accommodate you at an additional cost. 

Site preparation is very important for a garage and is the responsibility of the buyer. We will be glad to come and see your site before you order and give you suggestions for preparation.

Hi Side Garage:

This garage has 6 ft. tall side walls and a barn style roof. This roof style allows the installation of 8 ft. tall garage doors to accommodate larger vehicles. It is available in sizes ranging from 12x16 to 14x36 and comes standard with a 9' x 7' garage door, a 36" man door and 2 small windows. A loft can be added for additional storage.

Workshop Garage:

This garage has 7 ft. tall side walls and a peak roof. It is available in sizes ranging from 12x16 to 14x36 and comes standard with a 9' x 7' garage door, a 36" man door and 2 small windows. Add an optional electric package and garage door opener and you be ready to be parked out of the weather in no time.

Max Garage:

This garage is a 2 story building with a peak roof that is perfect for anyone who needs a lot of extra storage. Stairs, with a railing, lead to the upstairs. The center of the upstairs is approximately 6' 3" high. The floor joists to the second floor are 2x8 construction on 16' centers. It is available in sizes ranging from 12x24 to 14x36 and comes standard with 2 large windows downstairs, 2 large windows upstairs, a man door and a 9' x 7' garage door. You can park your car downstairs and still have lots of storage upstairs.

Double Wide Garage:

Need storage for more than one vehicle. This garage comes standard with two 9' x 7' garage doors, 3 large windows and 2 ridge vents for ventilation. It is available in sizes ranging from 24 x 24 to 28x40. Our two car garages can, also, be customized to serve as a workshop or hobby area.

Elite Garage:

This garage lives up to it’s name. It is a double wide vinyl garage with 8ft. side walls and a 5/12 pitch roof. As with all of our garages, the Elite is constructed with 2x4 floor joists on 12' centers with ¾” treated plywood flooring. This garages comes standard with two 9 x 7'6" insulated garage doors installed on the peak end of the building, a 36" man door, 3 large windows, and 20 ft. of shingle-over ridge vent. It is available in sizes ranging from 24x24 to 24x40.

The 9 ft. high side walls of the Elite allow the flexibility of having the doors installed on either the peak end or side of the building. The height of the walls, also, allow versatility for adding shelves and lofts. You need to see this garage to appreciate it.